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Falldown of the Ring is a new exciting gravity game for iOS that lets you have an adrenaline rush for hours. Let the ring fall and avoid being squished on top. As the level goes up, so does the speed of the game!

It’s fun, it’s quick, it’s addictive… It is a game of survival!

The goal of the game is to let the ring fall down before it gets squished on top. Take control of the ring and tilt the screen to let it fall down fast. The higher the level, the harder it gets!

Collect gems to gain power ups and boost your acceleration. Customize your rings to help you pass each challenging level.

Can you beat the speed and win the game?

Play Falldown of the Ring now!

This superfast game is now available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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  • Awesome graphics
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Challenging levels
  • Cool sound effects – adds to the overall thrill of the game
  • Scoreboard available – lets you see your game progress
  • Power ups available in each level
  • Ring and Gems Upgrades – more exciting gameplay
  • Leaderboards – see your and your friends’ achievements

Falldown of the Ring

Falldown of the Ring Store

Falldown of the Ring GameScreen

Falldown of the Ring Game Over Screen

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